On June 7, at 10 am, the University Environmental Sustainability Commission of the University of Genoa organizes at the Savona campus the Workshop "Sustainability and Universities: a global challenge for a local benefit within the Sustainable Development Festival".
The event aims to present the noteworthy results achieved by the University of Genoa in terms of Sustainability, the introduction of smart systems, energy efficiency and good practice in circular economics.
Because of their potential for influence on environmental sustainability, universities are called upon to promote new governance mechanisms in a coherent way, focusing on internal decision-making, resource allocation, organizational redesignation, the system of incentives for didactics and research, accountability towards territories, national governments and international internationality.
For this reason, the University Environmental Sustainability Commission decided to join the Sustainable Development Festival by presenting the workshop. The event will be attended by the highest local institutional offices and as experts in the sector Andrea Valcalda (Head of Sustainability ENEL S.p.A.) and Luca Pesce (General Manager ATA S.p.A.).

Organizing committee: Adriana Del Borghi (Referente di Ateneo per la Sostenibilità Ambientale), Federico Delfino (Delegato del Rettore per il Campus di Savona), Angela Celeste Taramasso (Membro della Commissione di Sostenibilità di Ateneo), Michela Gallo (Membro della Commissione di Sostenibilità di Ateneo), Paola Laiolo, Veronica Marotta, Fabio Magrassi


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Campus of Savona, Via Magliotto 1 - Savona- ITALY