The need of developing more efficient and reliable power grids able to integrate a large number of energy production plants from renewable resources is the main reason for the development of Smart Grids. A Smart Grid is an “active” grid characterized by an infrastructures able to exchange electrical energy but also bi-directional commands and signals. Among the most interesting applications, there are the microgrids, an aggregation of generation units (using renewables and fossil fuels), loads and storage systems in a limited area. The main objective of the SPM is the one of monitoring and guaranteeing an efficient and economic management of the various technologies, minimizing costs and CO2 emissions. The SPM’s management system includes a monitoring system for fault diagnosis, forecasting models, an optimization-based tool (DEMS -Decentralized Energy Management System), and a user-friendly interface to communicate with technologies and components in field. The SPM is characterized by the following plants:
- 3 microturbines (160 kwe and 280 kwth) fed by natural gas;
- 1 PV field (95 kWp);
- 3 CSP equipped with Stirling engines (3 kWe; 9 kWth);
- 1 absorption chiller (H2O/LiBr) with a storage tank;
- 2 electrical storage systems: NaNiCl2 and Li-ion batteries
- 2 charging stations for electrical vehicles.