In 2015 the University of Genoa established a Commission on Environmental Sustainability with the goal of bringing the University in evidence in the national context, implementing projects and activities that achieve results in the field of the environmental sustainability.
The Commission organizes an interdisciplinary Working Group, where there are the skills of Engineering, Economy, Architecture and Design and of Education.
The Commission also works closely with other working groups that operate on issues related to sustainability, such as the Working Group on Energy Saving of the University.

Representative of the University of Genoa for Environmental Sustainability (D.R. n.377, 27/03/2014):
Prof.ssa Adriana Del Borghi

University Commission on Environmental Sustainability (Dean’s note Prot. n. 81661, 7/12/2015):
Prof.ssa Adriana Del Borghi, DICCA - Coordinator
Prof.ssa Michela Gallo, DICCA
Prof.ssa Angela Celeste Taramasso, DICCA
Dott Leonardo Flamminio, DIEC