The University of Genoa, aware of the importance of Environmental Sustainability, has constituted an internal working group on energy savings.
The work of the Working Group focused on the following themes:

Drafting of technical guidelines for the annual announcements and support during the public tender.

Development of a real-time monitoring system of the University electricity consumption about quantity and quality of consumption, for the identification and quantification of wastefulness and to identify opportunities for improvement. By this platform it is carried out the monitoring and control of electricity consumption of the University of Genoa; this electricity consumption was estimated approximately at 20 GWh / year, through the installation of measuring points for significant electric utilities and the collection of the related real-time consumption values.

Support for the realization of the following projects:
- Installation of a solar photovoltaic system for the purpose of electricity self-production and automation of electrical systems for energy saving - Via Vivaldi 5, Genoa
- Requalification of the heating system for indoor stadium (PalaCus) through integration with plant helium assisted heat pump (PCEAN) combined with solar photovoltaic plant - Viale Gambaro 54, Genoa
- Creation of solar thermal system at the Surgical Clinic for domestic hot water for its buildings - Largo R. Benzi 8, Genoa

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