This one-day workshop, will present and promote good practices and experiences related to the use of technical solutions, training activities, and governance tools for the definition and implementation of adaptation strategies to climate change.

UniGe will transfer the knowledge and the expertise acquired in the framework of the project “Strumenti, governance e formazione per la strategia di adattamento ai cambiamenti climatici in un’ottica di sviluppo sostenibile”,  funded in the context of the Italian call for the promotion of research projects supporting the implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development – call Snsvs 2. The project envisages the participation of “Centro di servizi per il Ponente ligure” CENVIS and the Department of Architecture and Design of the Genoa University, together with CIMA Research Foundation. The main goal of this project is to strengthen regional sustainable development, with a specific focus on Liguria Region, by supporting the construction of the regional adaptation strategy to climate change. Among the tools and methods identified to achieve this goal, great importance is given to training tools and approaches for raising awareness, initially developed by UniGe for the Liguria Region, but which can be successfully applied on a larger scale and / or in other regional contexts.

The workshop will be organized into two sessions.

The first one, will encompass a series of presentations by national stakeholders actively engaged in the fighting against climate change and the assessment of its impacts on the Italian territory: Paola Brambilla - Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition, Santo Grammatico - Legambiente, Francesca Ghio - Fridays for Future, in the presence of Adriana Del Borghi - Prorector for Sustainability of the University of Genoa.

The second session will present the results obtained by UniGe within the project “Strumenti, governance e formazione per la strategia di adattamento ai cambiamenti climatici in un’ottica di sviluppo sostenibile”. Specifically, the project activities and the main tools and good practices acquired will be presented. Furthermore,  the Regional Training Program, designed and implemented by UniGe to support the Liguria Region in the process of implementation of an adaptation strategy to regional climate change will be illustrated in detail.

This workshop, promoted by UniGe, is part of the events promoted by All4Climate – Italy 2021.

All4Climate – Italy 2021 encompasses the full lineup of climate events taking place in Italy this year. Its goal is simple: to make 2021 a landmark year for climate ambition. Launched by the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition in collaboration with the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate and with the participation of the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan, All4Climate aims to foster proactive dialogue on the challenges of the climate

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