8th UNICA GREEN Workshop

Dove e quando

2018-03-21 | Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Established in 2011 on the initiative of the participants of the UNICA Student Conference 2010 in Rome, the UNICA GREEN (formerly UNICA Green Academic Footprint, UGAF) is a platform for Sustainability/Environmental Coordinators to discuss and exchange experience and practices in different elements of the implementation of environmental sustainability strategies at universities: strategic tools, environmental management systems, and best practices related to the day-to-day work of a sustainable management office, student involvement, and outreach. The annual UNICA GREEN Workshops gather Sustainability/Environmental coordinators, Vice-Rectors responsible for the implementation of institutional sustainability strategy from UNICA member universities, as well as representatives of UNICA GREEN Partners, peer networks, governmental bodies, and city authorities. http://www.unica-network.eu/event/8th-unica-green-workshop-0


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