The University of Genoa is focused on operating an efficient campus that incentivizes reuse and minimizes the amount of waste we produce. Concerning recycling, in the Municipality of Genoa, public and private waste collectors must follow the regulation on collecting certain waste types separately. Waste sorting is an effective way to reduce the amount of landfill waste, while promoting energy conservation and raw material recycling. However, in order to achieve the above goals, all people living and working in Genoa need to actively collaborate and get involved. In this way, there will be less waste to dispose of in standard wheelie bins and we will all enjoy a better environment!

When collecting waste, the following master types must be collected separately: 
- paper and paperboard -> WHITE bin 
- plastic and metal -> YELLOW bin 
- glass -> BLUE bin 
- biodegradable -> BROWN bin 

This means collecting these four wastes separately from each other and from other wastes. Below you can find all the necessary information about correct waste sorting. For more information on what waste can be source sorted and on how to properly sort your waste, visit AMIU web site at

Last update 30 October 2023