Sustainable investment, procurement and purchasing

In recent years, UniGe has applied sustainable criteria in its purchases and investments, considering both environmental and social aspects.

As required by Italian legislation, UniGe applies the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM), environmental requirements aimed at identifying the best design solution, product or service from an environmental point of view considering the whole life cycle. In particular, UniGe in recent years has applied the CAMs for all the interior furnishings, printers, cartridges and paper, for some goods such as gadgets and waste containers and for some services including cleaning, construction, lighting and cooling/heating of buildings.

In addition to current purchases, UniGe is increasingly applying sustainability criteria to specific services and projects.

An excellent example concerns the case of excellence of the Savona Campus where the catering service (canteen) was entrusted in concession defining quality criteria and low environmental impact and for this receiving the special mention of the Compraverde Award - Green Mensa Section.

As part of the Plastic Free policy, UniGe has provided for a supply of water bottles for UniGe students and staff, integrating the compensation of the Co2 produced with the production process among the necessary requirements (carbon neutral bottle) .

Another special project, which combines environmental and social sustainability, concerns the Genoa University Press (GUP), which in line with the UniGe strategy on sustainability, promotes environmental compatibility and inclusion in its publications. Since 2022, GUP has relied on an FSC and Eco-print certified typography and entrusts the binding of some publications to prisoners, as part of a process that promotes their reintegration into work. GUP also promoted a project of circular economy and inclusion in collaboration with Creazioni al Fresco - Sc'Art, for the creation of hand-sewn accessories for readers starting from disused UniGe banners.

Since 2019, UniGe has also been purchasing certified green electricity from renewable sources.

Last update 26 July 2023