The REDUCE CAMPUS WASTE Project aims to develop studies and researches on campus waste 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). The University of Genoa has internal expertises in the field of circular economy and signed joint agreements with municipal local waste management companies on environmental/chemical and optimization aspects. In 2015 the University of Genoa, with the REDUCE CAMPUS WASTE Project, started a project for campus sustainable waste management and implemented studies and researches in the field attitudes and behavior of the population towards waste recovery, recycling, and reuse with a circular economy approach. A first analysis was performed to estimate the amount of recyclable waste: paper, plastic, toner, WEEE. This phase was followed by a study for the implementation of an optimization model of the collection accompanied by an awareness campaign and training of staff, teaching and students, present in different areas of the university, that were been examined during the development of the project. RESULTS - Signing Framework Agreements with companies working for the management of waste: AMIU GENOVA SpA, ATA Savona SpA - Analysis of waste streams and development of indicators - Installation of bins for paper, plastic, WEEE, sneakers - Installation of compactors for plastic bottles and beverage cans - Implementation of the REDUCE CAMPUS WASTE Project Design Lab03 - Disclosure and notice through specific brochures and rules - Subscription to the RUS Network on waste management
Last update 5 October 2021