The University of Genoa is a partner in the following networks: 

- RUS - Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile 
- UNICA GREEN - Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe 
- ISCN - International Sustainable Campus Network

RUS - Network of Universities for Sustainable Development is the first national experience of coordination and sharing between all Italian universities involved in sustainability.

UniGe coordinates the Rus Working Group on Climate Change:

UniGe also participates in the following RUS Working Groups:

Food - Referents Raffaella Boggia, Livia Pisciotta, Luisa Stagi

Education - Referents Valentina Marin

Energy - Representatives Giada Agnese, Stefano Massucco, Federico Silvestro

Inclusion and Social Justice - Giulia Arena, Isabel Fanlo Cortes, Angela Celeste Taramasso

Mobility - Valentina Costa, Ilaria Delponte, Federica Paoli, Francesca Pirlone

Resources and Waste - Erica Gagliano, Lucrezia Guida, Valentina Marin

University of Industry - Adriana Del Borghi, Michela Gallo

Last update 26 July 2023