The University of Genoa is a community of research and training, where teachers, students, and administrative staff are involved, as their powers, functions, and responsibilities. The University is rooted in the community and want to be a factor in social and economic development, both through the growth of human capital either through the transfer of knowledge and skills to the production system and services, contributing to the emergence of new business and institutional capacity building and social cohesion through the use of research results (Ref. Statute). Among other forms, the University's mission takes place within the so-called THIRD MISSION. The University is a key point of the scientific and cultural hub between local reality and global society. Therefore, it contributes to the social, cultural and economic development of Liguria through direct application, enhancement and use of knowledge, as well as lifelong learning and actions of public engagement. In this perspective, any structure within the University is committed to establishing links with the land and all its actors that are of mutual stimulation and enrichment. Through the three-year program 2020-2022 recently published, the University of Genoa, considering the needs of stakeholders and the environment, has defined their strategies and policies for the 2020-2022 triennium, translating them into concrete objectives, coherent and realistic. In particular, in the context of the Third Mission, the University of Genoa has identified the following goal checked by the University Commission for Environmental Sustainability: OBJECTIVE 9. Promote actions and processes for sustainable development
Last update 5 October 2021