By setting sustainability and community well-being at the center of university life, the University sign a co-responsibility pact with future generations and become an example for the outside world. Through the integration of sustainability in its educational offer, in research activities and in its relationships with local actors and surrounding territories, the University of Genova aims to increase the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to a sustainable growth in the environmental, social, economic and cultural dimensions, in coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.”

The University is a key point of the scientific and cultural hub between local reality and global society.

In its 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, UniGe explicitly adheres to the 2030 Agenda and identifies Sustainability as one of the five strategic lines that guide the development of its institutional missions, together with Digitization and Innovation, Inclusion, Internationalization and Quality. Sustainability, as a strategic line, has also been integrated in several objectives and actions of the 2022-2024 Program.

Since 2022, UniGe also made a strong commitment against climate change by defining its own Climate Strategy. The Climate Strategy will then be followed by a Plan in which the actions to be undertaken to achieve climate neutrality in 2030 will be identified, setting intermediate short- and medium-term targets and setting long-term objectives.

21- 26 STRATEGIC PLAN Overview

Last update 12 July 2023