University of Genoa signs the Climate Emergency Letter

The University of Genoa has joined the "Fridays for Future" event on 27 September 2019, granting its patronage to the initiative. Furthermore, the actions by UniGe that aim to create a better future for both people and our planet include the following: - joining "The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Accord", a climate emergency declaration initiative (, coordinated by the Youth and Education Alliance of the UN Environment - signing, as the first in Italy, the Climate Emergency Letter by the Chancellor during the September 27th Climate Strike, a symbol of the University of Genoa commitment towards young people and their future. The letter, adopted on September 25th by the University of Genoa's Board of Directors, lists 10 good practice: 1) dedicate as many resources as possible to support research oriented to the action and the creation of skills related to sustainability 2) become carbon neutral by 2030 3) increase the training offer related to environmental sustainability through the preparation of awareness campaigns aimed at the academic community, educational centres, individual courses of study, and, where possible, involving student associations also through conferences, seminars and other activities at each Department 4) minimize electricity and thermal consumption through the redevelopment of the structures used and their efficiency improvement, also with the use of monitoring systems 5) eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, the use of single-use plastic in university rooms by arranging for an increase in water distribution points and strengthening the separate collection system 6) expand the extracurricular training offer aimed at providing courses aimed at raising students' awareness of sustainability and developing appropriate techniques and skills 7) identify the reference for internal university needs in the University Commission on environmental sustainability “Unige Sostenibile” and evaluate the opportunity to include in the internal organizational structure a function dedicated to these issues (eg Sustainability Office) 8) increase and improve green areas in university spaces, promoting maintenance actions for them 9) promote actions aimed at making university facilities more accessible and safer 10) make the academic community (teachers, students and technical-administrative staff) aware of virtuous behavioural styles, for example by encouraging sustainable mobility and waste reduction. The University of Genoa is the first Italian Athenaeum to issue a document that is not limited to general indications but comes into detail of practical and concrete actions, inviting national and local institutions, governmental and educational ones, to unite in recognizing the climate emergency and ecology and to act synergistically to limit the drift towards which our planet tends. The Rector of the University of Genoa, Paolo Comanducci, will meet the participants in the 3rd global strike for the future and for the climate, on Friday 27 September at around 9:30 am, in the atrium of the University Palace (via Balbi 5 ) and will sign in their presence the letter of intent drafted with the collaboration of Unige Sostenibile, Fridays for Future Genova and student association Idee Giovani Unige.
Last update 16 November 2021